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There was a time when direct response marketers managed all their advertising by themselves. They bought their media direct. They spent countless hours producing ads and coordinating everything. Big stuff like TV, radio, press and magazines. Details like letterbox drops, search engine marketing, digital marketing, websites and direct mail to name but a few.

Countless hours went into planning, budgeting and post analysis. All this expense in the name of trying to make their advertising more accountable. And all because direct response marketers perhaps believed that that big fat Ad Agencies, Media Buyers and Design Houses are all care with no responsibility, or even understood or cared about their R.O.I..
Marketers might wonder if there would ever be a more effective alternative to ‘D.I.Y. advertising management’.


While traditional thinkers in advertising didn’t have their heads around accountable advertising, D.I.Y. marketers were left to suffer the expense and stress of taking care of everything themselves. Then the solution appeared in the shape of an ‘agency’ that wasn’t one. The Virtual Ad Agency doesn’t look anything like a traditional agency. In fact it doesn’t look like anything at all. Which is fitting, because many of our advantages lie in what we’re not, rather than what we are.

So what don’t we have?


  • We don’t have multiple tiers and departments of permanent staff. Yet we work with over 150 contractors/suppliers ongoing.
  • We don’t have a fixed address. We work anywhere, 24/7.
  • We don’t have any fixed creative or production people to constantly feed.
  • We don’t have the overheads of a “conventional” agency.
  • We don’t have a boardroom or large offices on our expense list … we don’t need it. The cloud is our HQ.

What the Virtual Ad Agency does have is a vast pool of senior talent with oodles of experience in accountable advertising; strategy, creative, production, media negotiation, planning and buying. Yet, all these resources can come at a minimal cost because we have the capacity to gear up and gear down when work requires, and this virtual model means we build the Agency to fit every brief, rather than fit the brief to match the Agency.

The Virtual Ad Agency gives marketers a chance to step back, save time and money, and work on their business instead of in it. Something virtually unheard of until now…



Imagine an Ad Agency that has no problems being tracked against results in real time. An Agency that not only understands how to develop response from advertising, but has no problem being measured against the results.
The Virtual Ad Agency has a simple philosophy; to build brands in the long term, drive response today, and do so with an approach that keeps R.O.I. in the cross hairs.
We drive brand intention. We drive next day enquiry. Our success lies in our ability to balance both with no compromise to either, and in understanding what creates advertising success.


In advertising, change is inevitable, because we are all consumers, and consumers are remarkably fickle. One day we only want brands we can trust. Next day we want something new. Setting inflexible rules about communicating with consumers is just asking for trouble.
So at “The Virtual Ad Agency”, there are no set limits, formulas or rules. The vehicle that drives results changes all the time, so it always starts with a pencil, a blank page, and a big group of people with the skills to go wherever we need to go, as fast as we need to get there.
The Virtual Ad Agency is a place where economic science and advertising craft join together to create a response. It’s where economics and creativity meet to generate return. It’s where initiative, intelligence, intuition and innovation are our daily bread. We don’t have walls or desks or time clocks. We don’t have any of the standard stuff that could lead us to working in the same old ways. Change is the only constant where we live.



So we’ve established that The Virtual Ad Agency doesn’t look anything like a traditional advertising model. But where do we fit? This is always dictated by the need, the opportunity and the reality.
We live in fast-paced times; and our need is to respond quickly. We are fortunate to live in a nation of freelancers and outsourced talent. That’s a great opportunity. And today, intelligent advertising has never been more important to business success – that’s the reality.

The Virtual Ad Agency lets us design the type of agency you need, when you need it, for only as long as you need it, priced well below traditional agencies. The result is a solution that fits whatever slot you might have, even if that slot changes constantly.
So where do we fit? Wherever you need us to.




We may not have an office tower, shareholders or a boardroom full of committee members, but at The Virtual Ad Agency we still need to make a buck. Because of our low overheads, it’s just a more modest buck than most. We’re being perfectly honest when we say that to us, it’s not all about the money. There’s a heap of other stuff that we like to focus on as we work.

Stuff like this:

  • To make a meaningful difference to our clients’ business
  • To be measured and accountable to our clients’ bottom line
  • To always have conviction in what we do
  • To never sell an idea we don’t believe in
  • To gain genuine satisfaction from our efforts
  • To be appropriately rewarded
  • To never let convention dictate what we do

Some of the above goals are centred around ethics and simply doing the right thing by our clients. So perhaps there’s a place for traditional values at The Virtual Ad Agency after all…



Our Services

what's inside, what's out...

At The Virtual Ad Agency, whenever we take a brief our goal is to build the Agency around the project rather than fit the brief to the Agency. We offer some services sourced internally, and some that are out. Flexibility, cost efficiency and getting the right specialist people for every brief are the advantages for you. We are a full service advertising agency, digital agency and an accredited media agency focused on developing insights and ideas for growth focused marketing.




And sadly, today in traditional agencies there are still creative teams whose first priority is getting a gong at the next creative award show. By contrast, at The Virtual Ad Agency creative is never about us. It’s not about boasting, always about boosting.

We go further than simply developing ads that grab attention. We demand relevance. We demand simplicity. People’s lives are busy and they shouldn’t have to work hard to figure out what our clients are selling. Our concepts must drive them to become fans and loyal patrons of our clients’ businesses. Our creative solutions are focused on our client’s R.O.I.. Creative celebrations should always be directly linked to a client’s success.

We don’t have an army of staff that you have to pay for. Instead we have a big pool of senior creative specialists to draw from, each with different skills, experiences, and ideas to bring to the table. Our job is to match the right specialist people with the right ideas to the clients who need them. So, our clients never go stale using the same people for their ideas.

Big egos? You just don’t have the room. And nor do we.

Creative rewards, not awards


dont_approach_bgUnderstanding the territory. Knowing the enemy. Advertising is a battlefield, and victory depends on taking control of the media battle-space. Taken a look at it lately? It’s noisy, aggressive and it can be confusing, too, but our people are veterans with many a successful campaign to their credit.

Nothing stands still – successful advertising means hitting moving targets, and hitting them more accurately than the competition. That’s why at The Virtual Ad Agency we don’t have ‘an approach.’ A fixed approach is too passive, and too standardised to reliably hit moving targets.

The market place we work in demands that we achieve results quickly. Every day we don’t solve a problem is a day of missed retail opportunity. With flexibility, experience and quick thinking specialists on our side, we don’t approach – we invade!

Understanding the weapons of mass consumption


dont_approach_bg3So why use The Virtual Ad Agency? There are some pretty compelling reasons, and many of them centre around what we’re not, what we don’t do and what we don’t have.

  • We’re a virtual company with no fixed address, fewer overheads and greater value for money. We work where and how you need it, including from your offices if necessary.
  • We outsource creative and production. We pick and choose what’s best for you. We only use what we need, when we need it … and this means everyone saves money.
  • We don’t have lots of clients. We don’t want lots of clients. We work with those who respect us and let us do our job for them.
  • Experience is something we do have – over 25 years hands-on in media, creative, sales, marketing and strategy.
  • We are accredited and we negotiate direct with all key media … so there is no middleman … and no “media house” juniors for us or for you.
The Virtual Ad Agency

"With no fixed address, we work wherever
our clients need us to."

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Advertising Agency

Advertising Agency Accountability

At the Virtual Ad Agency we bring something new to the table every time we work with an ACCOUNT. Instead of having a permanent pool of in-house creative and media people who regurgitate the same ideas and same thinking, we draw on a great global network of talented freelance experts as required. We have the ABILITY to select the right people to supply fresh creative thinking while operating at maximum efficiency to keep creative costs low and advertising R.O.I. high.

Which brings us to … ACCOUNTABILITY

We encourage our clients to keep us, (their advertising agency), accountable for the number of leads against the advertising investment … to the point where we also offer the ability to track every call, listen to every call, rate every call and report back to you on how many call conversions and appointments were made, and if they didn’t convert, why not!

Do you know …

  • Advertising Accountability  Where your leads are coming from?
  • Advertising Accountability  Which media, market and ad creative is delivering you your best R.O.I.?
  • Advertising Accountability  How many leads are you missing because of unanswered calls?

We do!

If our approach interests you then send us a request for a free presentation on how to track advertising and make your Advertising Agency (us) accountable.

Advertising Accountability