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Creative Rewards, Not Awards

Creative Rewards, Not Awards

Creative awards are handed out based on many criteria…but whether the concept performed well for the client is seldom discussed. At the Virtual Ad Agency we’d far prefer our clients get all the attention. And the sales.

Don’t get us wrong, we love creativity, but not for its own sake. Our focus is on clear, simple messages that demand attention and prompt action. Messages that are strong and relevant in the eyes and ears of the target audience.

We recognise that audiences are busy, distracted and have their attention constantly divided. So our approach is to find our targets and meet them with a message that makes them stop, think and act. To remember your name, contact  your business and seek the products or services you’re selling.

The right creative people matched to the brief. Strong, relevant ideas and great communication. When you reap the rewards, the loyalty this brings is our award.

If the only tool you have is a hammer...

If the only tool you have is a hammer...

…everything starts to look like a nail. And if your agency has an ‘approach’ they put to work time and again, you might be in trouble, because marketing this year doesn’t look like it did last year…or even last week.

Media is fragmenting, markets are changing, the landscape is noisy, crowded and becoming more complicated. There’s never been a worse time to keep doing the same thing you’ve always done. A fixed approach is far too passive in a communications world where nothing stands still

At the Virtual Ad Agency we are problem-solving veterans who apply a flexible approach to every challenge. We’re not tied to any single media or creative angle. We study all the variables, carry out thorough research and formulate the best possible plan. We don’t use take chances because no client should ever be okay with paying for an agency’s experimentation.

The market demands results delivered quickly, and the only thing we can be sure of is that next time around the landscape will have changed again. And when it does, we’ll do what we’ve always done - adapt to exploit it all over again.

More, less and better

More, less and better


Why choose the Virtual Ad Agency? There are some pretty compelling reasons including getting more, paying less and doing better.

  • We always set out to make each campaign perform better than the last one, based on 100% quantifiable Cost Per Enquiry numbers.
  • We monitor all media constantly, adjusting daily if necessary, logging enquiries, recording phone calls and reporting on how both your campaign is performing and your calls are being managed.
  • We maintain a core team and build specialist and creative teams at need to meet client briefs, meaning lower overheads and better value for you.
  • We don’t have lots of clients. We don’t want lots of clients. We work with those who respect us and let us do our job for them.
  • Experience is something we do have – over 25 years hands-on in media, creative, sales, marketing and strategy.
  • We are accredited and we negotiate direct with all key media … so there is no middleman … and no 'media house' juniors for us or for you.

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