Hello Again! Taking A Second Bite By Remarketing With Facebook

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Hello Again! Taking A Second Bite By Remarketing With Facebook

Missed the first time?

Competition today is too fierce to miss a chance at remarketing customers. Research shows that there are plenty of potential buyers who nibble around the edges of your offering before they finally commit to a purchase, so remarketing customers is vital. Tap them on the shoulder, give them gentle reminders. And of course for those who have been customers in the past, show them more, stay familiar and kindle continuing interest. There are many ways to retarget customers, and we’re going to look specifically at remarketing customers using Facebook.

Create a remarketing audience.

Remarketing customers starts with creating an audience, the first step towards remarketing customers in a way that’s focused. You can get started simply by using a contact list of the contacts you currently have on your website. These might be customers who’ve subscribed to your newsletter or perhaps have an account with your business.

Beyond your contact list you can turn to building a custom audiences based on the actions taken by visitors to your Facebook page or website. Those likes, views, post conversations and Messenger chats all supply you with avenues through which to approach people. Another way to create a custom audience for remarketing customers is via pixel data.

Carefully setting up your ad timing is another effective way of reaching people who are interested in your business. Getting results this way comes town to studying and understanding recent actions and then engaging using a remarketing ad. Timing windows can vary from quite short – such as those associated with fashion and clothing – to the months or weeks taken in the planning and eventual purchase of a new home or motor vehicle. Do your research, present your prospect with advertising when the time is right and your chances of a sale are enhanced.

Match objectives to goals.

Every business has its goals. For the best result when remarketing customers, always match the goal you have in mind to the objective that suits it best. What size is your audience? This can be a factor in determining your choice of the three objectives at hand.

The messages objective is all about rekindling past conversation. By making use of sponsored messages in Messenger, you can precisely target individuals who’ve previously engaged with your business.

If you have an audience of over 1,000 people who have taken action on your website and a good depth of pixel data, they can be retargeted with a reminder and perhaps an offer.

Finally, you can take advantage of the custom audiences, delivering ads to those people who have purchased from you previously, have visited your website or simply viewed your ad. Remarketing ads allow you to take people back to your website, and an extra visit can only be a good thing.

Measure, learn, refine.

With your remarketing campaign underway, to gain an understanding of how it’s performing. There’s always scope to adjust and refine. It’s worth watching, analysing and improving as often as you can to get the very best value out of your remarketing efforts.

Facebook is a platform that is constantly growing, evolving and refining its offerings. Should you have any questions regarding remarketing customers via Facebook, or would like to start your first campaign, connect with us today.