The four people at the core of VAA have been working in their specialist advertising and marketing fields all their lives. Not to age anyone, but that’s over a century of combined experience. And that’s extraordinary.

What it demonstrates is commitment, enthusiasm and a real love of an industry that’s constantly changing and evolving. When John, Kym, Paula and Matt started out, Bob Hawke was Prime Minister and the internet didn’t exist. Through it all, these four have adapted, evolved and grown, creating hundreds of industry connections, thousands of campaigns and helping clients build their businesses.


John is a career marketing man who’s been behind dozens of success stories in conventional agencies and media.

He founded VAA in the middle of the global Financial Crisis in 2009, and shortly thereafter was winning Telstra Small Business Awards and enjoying rapid business growth.

John walks the walk with his connected approach, a familiar face to all South Australian media and the clients he works with, who in turn show a level of loyalty that’s not often seen in what’s considered a volatile industry.

Starting out as a creative writer in radio, Kym made the jump to advertising agencies before striking out on his own.

As a writer and Creative Director he has crafted concepts and scripting for virtually every type of business, from fine wine to finance. Kym has also led creative teams for two State and three Federal Elections.

Matt is an experienced chairman, CEO, consultant, facilitator and coach. As Strategy Facilitator Consultant he offers perspective, pragmatism and insight based on decades of work leading and mentoring Australia’s big names in health, banking and funds management.

Matt is committed to working with businesses towards greater brand equity, improved focus, rapid progress and strategic clarity. For businesses needing direction and a clear vision, he offers mentoring and guidance in planning as well as navigation of complexity, disruption and ambiguity.

Paula has invested a lifetime in analysis and reporting and loves nothing more than gaining insights into campaign performance through analysis and interpretation of quality data.

VAA places great importance on understanding the per-dollar performance of all marketing activity, and it’s Paula’s work that helps VAA and our clients understand the performance of their marketing activity and continually optimise it.

Paula and her team record, track and report on every touchpoint, from digital hits, to TV eyeballs, radio ears, readers and visitors, to even listening in on how your staff handles your phone calls.


For the best results, flexibility and efficiency,
VAA builds the right team for every task. These
are the proven people that we rely on.

Versatile and multi-talented, Karl never lets media limit his ideas, drawing on skills in art, design, video, musical composition and editing to achieve his creative goals.

Golda is our GoogleAds, MicrosoftAds, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn marketing expert, taking care of campaign setup and structure, keyword planning, bidding, optimisation and performance outcomes.

With 20 years’ industry experience, Andrea has worked with dozens of brands and on a wealth of projects, from re-tooling the look of major magazines to building full online publications from scratch.

Andrea is strong on concept work and also has a sharp eye for detail, crafting documents and digital features with beautifully balanced design and typography

A model of multi-tasking, Emma delivers administrative support to our creative, media and production managers as well as customer service and communications with our clients.

There’s nothing Rudi doesn’t know about Facebook marketing. Rudi is VAA’s man in charge of Facebook campaign strategy, setup as well as ongoing performance management.

Bruce is a true veteran of the printing industry and a genuine solutions provider for VAA. Bruce’s experience and vast knowledge of the various processes available ensures excellence of finish and precise colour matching of every printed asset our clients need.

A huge part of Will’s role with VAA is optimising the searchability of the websites that we administer for our clients.

Will is a master of this territory, constantly monitoring, adjusting, back linking, optimising and reporting on the performance of websites that we aim to improve at every opportunity.

Capable, skilled and efficient, Andy is the man behind the functionality of most of the websites that VAA is responsible for. Andy has well over a decade of experience designing and
developing websites, web Apps and mobile Apps, and has expertise in literally
dozens of software platforms and plug-ins.

His deliverables are SEO optimised and W3C compliant. Adaptable and perfectly suited to an environment where change is constant, Andy brings an impressive range of skills and can do attitude to the table.